Friday, April 2, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet

Oh, my favorite holiday is quickly approaching, Y'all. Regardless of what anyone says, Easter IS all about the hats! It has been a long tradition amongst my friends that this holiday of resurrection, renewal and divine haberdashery be observed by the donning of intricately created Easter headwear. It started in 2002 on my sister Toenisha's front porch when an astonishing array of hats were brought out for everyone to wear during one of our annual Easter brunches. Hallelujah, a new tradition was born.

Each year, during Holy Week, a special trip to the craft store is organized to accumulate the supplies required to create these one-of-a-kind art pieces. Typically, I would wait until I arrived at the craft warehouse to garner inspiration from the glorious gardens of silk flowers and accoutrements to conceive the theme of my hat for the year. In recent times, I've gotten inspiration from the window of a marvelous shop in the French Quarter that creates beautiful hats with vintage materials and price tags to match. Not wishing to be accused of producing a "knock-off", I simply seek inspiration in the form of a theme. This years theme included sprays of gorgeous calla lilies, and a wide purple ribbon to represent the Passion of the Lord.

Of course, Toenisha's hat is, as always, representative of her exquisite taste and is a study of a refined eye for what is truly breathtaking:

I've written about my particular fondness for hats and this stunning tradition previously in this post:

The tradition started a handful of years ago has been greatly enhanced by my relocation to the Crescent City. You see, in St. Petersburg, Florida, the concept of wearing an Easter bonnet has yet to reach those shores. We would gracefully alight to the now defunct (thank goodness) Suncoast Resort where the typical Sunday crowd assumed that we were members of some Big Hat Club that they had never heard of. All I could do was cry "heathenry" upon this group of colossally ignorant specimens who had no idea that it was Easter. Blissfully, after moving to the green banks of the Mississippi, I can say that I have finally come home. Not only is the donning of Easter bonnets encouraged, it is practically mandatory AND the holiday itself is observed by no less than three parades in the City that day. Toenisha and I have ben invited to participate in the most auspicious of these parades for the past two years, so that many people can admire our hats. The parade that we roll in is by far the most glamorous, featuring carriages and thousands of revelers. We bring nothing but sunshine to the streets of the French Quarter that day. And of course, glory to the risen Christ.


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