Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In Your Easter Bonnet, Conclusion

What a glorious day for a parade! I'm telling you, if there is something more fun than riding in a French Quarter Easter Parade, you better not tell me, because I don't think I can handle it! It was a beautiful Spring day, and everyone looked stunning as we rode through the cobbled streets of the Vieux Carre, sling beads and trinkets to the throngs on the banquettes. It is easy to spot the visitors to New Orleans during parades: they are so conservative and far too proud to clamor for the throws like locals do, shamelessly.

We started our day with Prosecco and succulent ham and biscuits in the company of the lovely Angelique, who brought marvelous treats with her that day that ensured that we would be having lots of fun in the hours to come. We made our way to Starlight By The Park to sign in for the parade. Thankfully, my responsibilities ended with the ham and biscuits. We cocktailed for a while, and admired the many beautiful hats and ensembles donned for the day. My friend Sam remarked that Easter is interesting because you get to see the drag queens of New Orleans in glaring, natural light-not flattering in many cases.

We found our carriage toward the end of the line-up. There was plenty of space for Auntie Bob, Toenisha and myself. Throw a couple of black drag queens in the back...let's roll! The streets of the French Quarter were lined with parade-goers the entire route. Near riots ensued at intersections where literally hundreds of people screamed and waved for throws. Although the atmosphere at an Easter Parade is not as bawdy as Mardi Gras, the energy is the same. What fun!

Jesus Himself made a brief appearance.

French Quarter Style

Ever the epitome of glamour and refinement

Auntie Bob And Toenisha Light The Route With Their Smiles

The Girls...Who Is Having More Fun?

Hans And Franz

"Let's Hear It For The Rainbow Tour"


  1. Baby, your "Rainbow Tour" photograph is a keeper. I think you should use it in lieu of your usual 8x10 mug shot at auditions.

  2. What am I auditioning for? Polident or Depends commercials?

  3. I'm sure you have a fun. Nice photos!

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